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This website has been prepared by the Steering Group Members of Cornwall for Change who are very concerned about the future for Cornwall. So we are challenging those that administer us all, at all levels, to uphold the principles of Ethical Governance.

Now what is that you may ask – well please see the link, but in summary, ethical governance can be stated by these 3 principles:

1. Evidence based decision making
2. Actions taken for the common good, for ordinary people, which follows on from the decision making
3. The integrity between these two principles

With ethical governance we can then uphold the true principles of sustainability, a much mis-used word nowadays, but here is our approach:

Our world consists of 3 key factors:

which were recognized by the UN in 1987 as representing sustainable development

So sustainability in its purest form is stated thus:
Whatever development takes place today should not have a negative impact on the society of tomorrow.

We urge you to take a few moments to look at this link – it is less than 3 minutes long.

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